Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are generally large companies staffed with many employees and lawyers whose job it is to limit or deny your insurance claim. Such an act can be considered insurance bad faith and happens when the insurance company wrongfully refuses to pay your claim. In most states, insurance companies have a duty to their clients to act fairly and in good faith. If that duty is breached, you may be able to sue your insurance company. The difference between a contract claim and tort claim is significant as a matter of public policy. In a contract claim alone there is often no recovery for attorney’s fees, damages for emotional distress, and punitive damages, but these may be recovered in a tort cause of action. So, under tort law you may be entitled to more than the value of the policy.

We represent all different types of policyholders including:

● Insurance bad faith in personal injury claims

● Disability insurance claim denials

● Accidental death insurance claim denial

● Failure to defend claims

● Health insurance claim denials

● Business interference insurance claim denial

● Business insurance claim denial

● Life insurance claim denial

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